Professional Tree Care Services in Troy, MI

No two environments are the same even if you're neighbors. Maybe your backyard gets plenty of sunlight like the homes around you, but your yard may have poor soil drainage. Our ISA certified arborists have a deep understanding of the various factors which may prevent healthy growth of your plant life. GreenTrees, Inc. is a professional tree care company who has been serving Troy and the tri-county area for over 30 years. Our services are available year-round!

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Tree Removal Experts

GreenTrees considers your property layout and the tree's condition when creating a plan of attack. We focus of safe and controlled tree removal that is as minimally disruptive to your lawn and surrounding landscape. Many homeowners wonder if they can remove a tree themselves. While anyone can "technically" remove tree, the benefits of hiring a professional include:

  • Professionals have access to all available equipment
  • Professionals know how to work with decay, rot, and deadwood
  • Professionals can control how and where a tree or limb falls
  • Professionals can maintain a high level of safety for all people and buildings around

Tree Pruning

No one wants to remove a tree unless it's absolutely necessary, but what happens when one or more trees are blocking out sunlight your other plant life depends on for nutrients? This common situation calls for the right amount of reduction and structural pruning. Our tree care professionals are well versed in many pruning techniques to address any overgrowth, deadwood, or plant disease you face. We leave the residents of Troy with healthier, safer, and visually more appealing trees than compared to how we found them.

Customized Lawn Fertilization Solutions

Fertilizer is essential for maintaining healthy, relatively weed, and disease free grass. Timing, type, and amount of fertilizer play important roles in properly managing your lawn. At GreenTrees, we will come up with a customized solution tailored to your specific needs. We use organic, natural fertilizers and can develop a program to enhance the health and growth of your lawn in Troy, MI.

We Are Troy, MI's Experts in Tree Removal, Pruning & Lawn Fertilization!

I've recommended GreenTrees to my neighbors and they have all thanked me profusely! Tim K.