Plant Health Care

GreenTrees, Inc. offers the most comprehensive plant health care programs available, including organically based and biodegradable insect and disease control treatments. With over 30 years of experience and 5 Certified Pesticide Applicators on staff, we offer each unique property their own plant health care program for trees, shrubs, and lawns.

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Our Services

Whether residential or commercial, we will analyze the environmental makeup of your property to help the plants thrive, which includes analyzing existing plants and diseases, insects, soil composition and erosion, pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area, climate, drainage patterns, and much more. We offer the following services to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best.

Insect Control

Nothing is more dangerous for the health of your tree than invasive insects. Various pests can burrow into your trees, leaving them susceptible to diseases and even death. The insect control experts at GreenTrees can find a treatment for your trees to keep them safe from these threats.

Plant Analysis

What's wrong with my tree? Are the leaves supposed to be this color? What are these bugs? These are just a few of the questions you may have about your landscape. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals can assess your property and offer any necessary solutions.

Plant Disease Control & Treatment

Some plant diseases may be merely cosmetic while others may be very detrimental to the plant's health. Regular examinations by our Certified Arborists will help you make informed decisions on the health of your landscape. Treatments are applied by our professional applicators as needed.


Many of your landscape plants will benefit from regular fertilization. Through a custom blend of safe and natural organic fertilizers, the optimum program can be developed to enhance the health and growth of your plants.

Offering Reliable Insect Control, Plant Disease Control, and Lawn Fertilization Services for Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Troy, Shelby Township, MI & More!

We were VERY pleased with GreenTrees and plan to recommend them to our neighbors and definitely use them again! Kim B.