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GreenTrees, Inc. employs highly trained and educated arborists who can accurately analyze, diagnose, and treat your plant life. Our services are available year-round, from tree fertilization, tree pruning, and tree removal to lawn fertilization in Royal Oak, MI and the surrounding areas. We will help you obtain the flourishing environment you always envisioned around your home or address a problematic area in your yard. The results we get will exceed your expectations!

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Experts in Tree Removal

Does my tree need to be removed? This common question is asked by many property owners in Royal Oak, MI. While our arborists will utilize other tree care methods before recommending removal, some trees simply must go. Common reasons for tree removal include:

  • A tree is dead
  • Decay is present throughout the trunk
  • Roots are encroaching on your home’s foundation, utility poles, or other nearby objects
  • A tree has grown too large for its location and surroundings
  • Cracks in a tree’s trunk

GreenTree, Inc. is full service for tree removal in Royal Oak, MI. We offer stump grinding and replanting services, so your property is left with a beautiful new replacement tree instead of any eye sores.

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Tree Pruning

What is pruning? By definition, pruning is cutting away dead, diseased, or overgrown branches that cause harm to the tree or the surrounding plant life. The correct type and amount of pruning allows trees and shrubbery to truly flourish. Depending on what condition your tree is in and your desired goal, the custom tree care plan we create together will restore health, maintain it, and make sure existing hazards are reduced.

Lawn Fertilization Service

To secure a gorgeous green lawn, GreenTrees offers reliable lawn fertilization service. We use the industry's safest and most effective products to boost the health and beauty of your turf. Our solutions are catered to your lawn's needs, making sure to give your property exactly what it needs.

From Tree Pruning & Removal to Lawn Fertilization, We are the Top Service in Royal Oak, MI!

We were VERY pleased with GreenTrees and plan to recommend them to our neighbors and definitely use them again! Kim B.