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GreenTrees, Inc. is proud to provide expert tree care and lawn care services, including tree removal, tree pruning, and lawn fertilization in Bloomfield, MI. Trees provide many economic and amenity values in our increasingly urbanized communities. Trees also conflict with our city structures and utilities above and below ground. Neglected, dead or structurally unsound trees can also damage property and injure people. On the other hand, people create problems for trees; we cut their roots and branches improperly, over and under irrigate them and plant them where they cannot thrive.

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Professional Tree Removal

When trees have died or outgrown the space in which they grow, we can remove them with the absolute minimum impact on the surrounding landscape and structures. We dispose of trees and their stumps in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape. If you're looking for help with tree removal in Bloomfield, MI give us a call today! Call us today to discuss your tree and lawn care needs!

Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Proper pruning can serve two purposes: hazard reduction and maintenance. Hazard reduction can get rid of branches that might compromise the structural integrity of the tree. Maintenance can make your tree healthier and more aesthetically pleasing. We offer both services, maintenance pruning and structural pruning, designed for what needs to be done in order to keep your trees healthy and attractive.

Lawn Fertilization

Most experts recommend fertilizing your lawn at least twice a year to promote optimal healthy growth. You may want to consult with our professional landscapers about which fertilizer is right for your grass. Fertilization has a big impact on the color and health of your grass. Depending on your lawn’s grass type, soil quality, and your local growing conditions, your lawn will have a unique set of fertilization needs. Call us for recommendations on the best fertilizers for your situation or to schedule lawn fertilization in Bloomfield, MI.

Signs You Need to Make Tree Service a Priority

Unlike a burst pipe or a gas leak, there is not often cause for emergency tree service unless one has already fallen. However, you can spot the signs of an unhealthy tree that is likely to fall. When you notice these signs, you will want to make tree service a priority before it becomes and emergency. So what should you be on the lookout for?

Your Tree is Leaning

Over time, a tree might develop a slight lean. This is not always a major worry. However, if its lean is more than just a few degrees or the tree has developed a lean suddenly, then you need to have an arborist out. It is likely that the integrity of your tree is compromised by something and that either needs to be addressed or the tree needs to come down. It is best to take down a leaning tree before it comes down unexpectedly on its own.

You Have Overhanging Branches

Branches growing over your home are a problem. It is an even bigger problem if they are weakened or dead branches. One good storm and those branches will fall and cause damage. They need to be trimmed back.

You Notice Pests

Unfortunately, pests on your trees aren't something that will just go away after a time. These pests will just do more damage to the tree and eventually kill it. In order to preserve the life and structural integrity of your tree, the pests will need to be treated. If it is too late, the tree will need to be removed to protect others in your yard.

Do you have a tree that requires service because of any of these problems? Contact us today to see what we can do to help you prevent any dangerous tree accidents in your yard in Bloomfield, MI.

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Trust our ISA certified arborists to nurture the health of your trees, lawn, and plants year-round. From safe tree removal to specialized pruning techniques and disease treatment, we've got you covered. Request an estimate or consultation online today to ensure the vitality of your landscape!

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