Tree Care Bloomfield MI

GreenTrees, Inc. is proud to provide expert tree care services, including tree removal and pruning to Bloomfield MI. Trees provide many economic and amenity values in our increasingly urbanized communities. Trees also conflict with our city structures and utilities above and below ground. Neglected, dead or structurally unsound trees can also damage property and injure people. On the other hand, people create problems for trees; we cut their roots and branches improperly, over and under irrigate them and plant them where they cannot thrive.

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Tree Removal

When trees have died or outgrown the space in which they grow, we can remove them with the absolute minimum impact on the surrounding landscape and structures. We dispose of trees and their stumps in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape. If you're looking for help with tree removal in bloomfield mi give us a call today! Call us today to discuss your tree and lawn care needs!

Tree Pruning

Proper pruning can serve two purposes: hazard reduction and maintenance. Hazard reduction can get rid of branches that might compromise the structural integrity of the tree. Maintenance can make your tree healthier and more aesthetically pleasing. We offer both services, maintenance pruning and structural pruning, designed for what needs to be done in order to keep your trees healthy and attractive.

Specializing in Environmentally-Friendly Horticulture

We were VERY pleased with GreenTrees and plan to recommend them to our neighbors and definitely use them again! Kim B.